Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff)

Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff)

No school for two whole weeks leaves Tom with heaps of time for the important things in life. Yeah! He can forget all about lessons and the irritating Marcus Meldrew, and save his energy for good stuff! Stuff like: inventing new ways to annoy his sister Delia. (So many). Band practice for the Dogzombies – rock stars in the making! Watching TV and eating caramel wafers; eating caramel wafers and watching TV. Excellent. But clouds are gathering on the horizon in the form of Tom’s weirdo big sister Delia. And when trouble collides with his brilliant plans, he’ll need all his excellent excuses…

Crammed with scribbles, doodles, stories and sniggers, the second of Tom’s hysterical journals brings you more manic mayhem from the crazy world of Tom Gates. HA HA HA!

What Liz says:

In case you didn’t know – the FANCY Tom Gates FONT (that’s the lettering) is all based on my own handwriting and is called “PICHON FONT.” It’s very useful, I can tell you.

What everyone says:

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