Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (mostly)

Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (mostly)

After receiving the shock of a lifetime — seeing his big sister, Delia, without her sunglasses on — Tom is trying to gear himself up for sports day at school. Meanwhile, Tom’s band, DogZombies, is supposed to play in the school talent show, so they’d better start practicing — a lot. It might all be worth it, though, if the absolutely brilliant band DUDE3 appears as special guests!

Dreams of rock stardom take the edge off embarrassing family activities in Tom’s fourth diary crammed with doodles and stories.

What Liz says:

Hands up who loves a FLIP BOOK? (Me! Me!) That’s why I put one in Genius Ideas of a small bug doing back flips and playing a guitar. Why not have a go at making your own?

What everyone says:

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